Hospital for the Incurably Insane

http:// Hospital for the Incurably Insane was established in 1885 on 320 acres of land provided by the city of Norfolk. Successive name changes over the years have gone back and forth between the “incurably” to the “chronic” insane, without disguising that most patients “treated” here would never leave via the front door. Between 1917 and 1963, 902 individuals were sterilized in Nebraska, roughly 18% of them deemed mentally ill. It has been posited that several occured in the ramshackle buildings shown above prior to 1921. While these buildings are now abandoned, the site still serves as a mental health and substance abuse facility for adoloscents and young adults, less chillingly renamed the Hastings Regional Center. Even though I have not had any personal experiences here by curiosity for old hospitals and insane assylums lured me to this specific location because of the eerie things it possessses.


Winchester Mansion

winchester houseEven though I have not had a experience here I need those of you who have never heard it before to hear about it now, this house is the craziest thing I have ever seen before and it is a dream of mine to go here some day. In the late 1800’s, the Santa Clara Valley presented sweeping vistas of rural open space. It was a serene setting for Mrs. Winchester to begin her building project, which she did with steadfast determination. She immediately hired carpenters to work in shifts around the clock. By the turn of the century the eight-room house had grown into a seven-story mansion! The estate eventually grew to 161 acres of farmland, which included orchards of apricots, plum, and walnut trees to supplement Mrs. Winchester’s income. She also owned homes in Atherton, Los Altos, and Palo Alto.

Mrs. Winchester’s financial resources were virtually unlimited; upon her husband’s death she received several million dollars in cash and 777 shares of stock in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Upon her mother-in-law’s death in 1897, Mrs. Winchester received 2,000 more shares, which meant she owned just under fifty percent of the company’s capital stock. This provided her with an income of $1,000 a day – back in the days before income taxes.

Creepy right?

Strauss Cabin Finally

strauss cabinThis is the scariest encounter I have ever experienced out of all of them in my life. I went there with a huge knot in my stomache. It was late at night on a warm summer night. All we had were flashlights and a camera and our guts to lead us through this. We went in the house which is not legal technically but hey you only live once right? So we began walking around in the burnt remains and found a melted bathtub and many rooms covered in burnt debris. We took some photos and while we were I said “can you show yourself to us”? we took a photo right when I said that and a white streak of a little girl appeared in the screen as well as a huge white orb. I strongly believe that a spirit of one of his daughters tried to communicate with me.

Strauss Cabin

I saved my 3 best encounters for last! This is not a true encounter but it is something that leads up to what I experienced and the one place I can’t ever go again because of the terror it caused me. It was during the day that I ventured for the first time to Strauss Cabin. THis place is sure to have spirits because of the man who went insane, killed his farm hands, killed his 2 daughters, strangled his wife, and then hung himself. THis place has that feeling where you feel like you are being watched no matter where you venture too. Weather it is the house itself or the little buildings near it…this story gets much worse…trust me.

Stanley Hotel 2

I recently found out that my boyfriends mom went to the Stanley as well, even though this is not a personal encounter it was too juicy not to share. She did the ghost hunt tour which is strictly searhching the premises for any paranormal activity while using real paranormal instruments. The same door that I saw close was slamming shut and opening by itself, they also said that something all touched their necks at once. This creeped me out because I saw it open by itself but slamming shut? How bizarre is that?

Stanley Hotel

It has always been a dream of mine to venture to the Stanley hotel and see the spirits for myself. With such a old historic building I knew there were bound to be plenty of spirits wanting to make themselves known. I finally got the chance to go there and do a ghost tour. It was me and our guide and a friend, just us 3 since it was a earlier tour. We went to the basement of the concert hall and and went into Lucy’s room. Lucy was a homeless girl who would sneak in, she died down in the room from hypothermia. We were sitting there in the very back of the room and the door began to shut on its own. I began crying because I didn’t realize that I was sort of a skeptic until this day. I know what I saw and I know for a fact ghosts are real. Image

Part 2 of friends basement

This part gets way more intense. At this point it was later in the evening and I was not feeling well, everyone else went out to go walk around. I was all alone in her basement, in her room. Ya I know, pretty terrifying. I shut off her tv because I was going to try to fall asleep. I heard footsteps on the wood floor and then I turned over and looked into her tv and saw a full figured black man standing in the doorway. I first instinct was to scream but her mom was asleep. I called her in tears and she had to come stay with me. I haven’t slept over at that house since. I don’t think there is a time where I have been more afraid then at that point.